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You need help in HAM Radio, this website coordinates you and a volunteer(s) to help using voice chat tools like ZELLO or TEAM VIEWER.   An example: a repeater on a frequency 5 minutes or example 1 hour using Zello.  This is not a paid service so it is a best effort !

The idea is solely to help other ham as I did some years ago when I started.  A HAM operator needs help or has questions.

HAM Radio Elmer Project  ( HAMREP )

5.) what we are NOT !!
 A.)  this initiative is not to REPLACE ham radio, this is not the sky is falling or the end of ham radio, but it is to promote ham radio and help with support. please do not dismiss this initiative right away but consider over many weeks.

Elmer (Mentor) List - volunteers - TBA here

An Elmer is an endearing term used for a fellow ham that is willing to help others with issues related to the hobby. In days past, your Elmer was the person that helped you put up your first antenna and make your first contact. The following individuals have graciously offered to help out anyone that needs help in their various areas. If you need some new assistance, please get in contact with one of the people listed below.

HAM Radio Elmer - hamradioelmer.blogspot.ca - About and Purpose  VE3WZWAt the website HAM Radio Elmer - Amateur Radio we have always felt that the local radio club is where the learning takes place.  The local radio club is where the newcomer begins the journey of discovery and the seasoned veteran keeps informed of the latest technology. Regardless of where we are on our ham radio journey our local radio club is where we find our friends.

The term "Elmer" means someone who provides personal guidance and assistance to would-be hams.

The term first appeared in QST in a March 1971 "How's DX" column by Rod Newkirk, W9BRD (now also VA3ZBB). Newkirk called them "the unsung fathers of Amateur Radio."

As you can see, the term is not very old. Prior to the first use of Elmer as the one who guided and encouraged us, what were these folks called? We have received a lot of suggestions; teacher, mentor, tutor, guide, helper, sage? All are appropriate but my guess would be that first and foremost they were called friend.

If you would like to volunteer to be an Elmer, please contact HAM Radio Elmer President TBD.

History :
The creator  ANDRE VE3WZW of this website started the 2014 Elmer (Mentor) List  (contacts using ZOOM)  with a Southern Ontario CANADA Repeater club.  The purpose to raise the standards and be supportive within our hobby.

An Elmer (Mentor) to many others - An Elmer is an endearing term used for a fellow ham that is willing to help others with issues related to the hobby.

*** Please contact us to discuss how we can implement with your local Amateur HAM Radio Club

Thanks, mE VE.3WZW   AN.DRE
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